Overview of the poker room at 1win

Online poker is a modern version of the classic game. It's a poker game that everyone can play. Visitors to the official 1win website can play a game with a computer, compete against other players and even join a live dealer game. If you are ready to take it to the next level, we recommend participating in tournaments. Beat your opponents and take home the top prize!

poker at 1win

The games may differ in terms of the rules, the size of the entry fee and, of course, the prize money. The main aim of a poker game is to get your opponents out of the game and take their money. The higher you climb in the standings, the better your chances of winning. Things can change literally in a matter of moves, so calculate your odds in advance and don't bet recklessly.

How to play poker - the essence of the game

Everyone will appreciate all the benefits of playing poker! And so as not to take too long to join the poker room, let's get straight to the point.

The first step towards conquering new heights is to register. It only takes a minute, but it will give you access to a personal account with a whole host of benefits. By the way, we'll tell you all about them in the next section.

To access the poker section of casino 1win, you must make a deposit with your first deposit. Choose your preferred payment system, confirm the transaction and within seconds you are ready to play!

Once you go to the poker section, all the available game modes and available tables are displayed. But for the comfort of our own customers, we have taken care of a quick search system for the right game. Just set the parameters you need and join the rest of the participants! During the game itself, you can give yourself an even greater level of comfort by fine-tuning the interface. We offer the best technology and design solutions for 1win online casino customers!

And if for some reason you're hesitant about your choice of table, go into observation mode. Study your potential opponents, assess the stakes, the pace of play and only then get in on the fun!

how to play poker online

Bonuses, promotions and RakeBack

1win online casino welcomes new customers with open arms and offers generous bonuses to all without exception! After all, you can use them to expand your options without holding back your gambling impulse.

The first and most delicious offer is the 500% first deposit bonus! You'll be able to win back the accrued funds on bets, further increasing your balance by at least three times. You can spend your winnings on other gambling games from our extensive catalogue, convert them into real money, or show up at the poker room with an impressive pot!

As you become an experienced player, we will open up more opportunities for you in the form of weekly and monthly bonuses. As you can see, there is no shortage of funds!

But even the best poker pros sometimes have to step into the black, losing impressive amounts of money. Don't give up! Because 1win is not a casino that leaves its customers in the lurch. Especially for our dedicated gamblers, we've set up a generous rebate scheme that awards up to 30% of losses back to your balance! The higher your rating and the bigger your bets, the higher your cashback percentage.

Rakeback in poker is a partial refund to the player of the commission collected from their bets. In other words, it is a percentage, a kind of gratitude to the room for loyalty. It may vary from a couple of percent up to 70-80 percent depending on the policy of this or that poker room and various bonuses. Rakeback is as much an integral part of your income as win rate.

Rakeback in poker 1win

Probably the best rakeback room to play in is 1 wine. Traffic is plentiful, with many users from Starz and eights having moved here in the last year or two. The large number of regulars is aided by excellent cashback and a tight tournament grid.

1win gives 20-40% rakeback to its players. The more points (1 point = $1 rake) you accumulate, the higher this percentage is. Only depositors who have accumulated 5 points or more per week can take part in our Loyalty Program. CAP is $1 on NL2-NL10 and $3 on NL25-NL100.

  • Level 1-4 - 25 to 100 points - rakeback 20% per week;
  • Level 5 - 12 - 150 to 500 points - rakeback of 25% per week;
  • Level 13-17 - 600 to 1000 points - rakeback 30% per week;
  • Level 18-22 - 1200 to 2000 points - 40% rakeback per week.

Poker tournaments

A popular variety of poker tournaments are multi-table or multi-table tournaments. The difference from a cash game is that it is not possible to buy in chips during the tournament. In this case, a player is eliminated from the tournament if he loses all his chips.

To keep the tables full, players are automatically allocated between them. Towards the end of a playing tournament, the remaining players are placed at the final table to complete the tournament. The allocation of places depends on the number of immediate participants and in doing so goes beyond the so-called final table.

In poker, a freeroll is a multi-table tournament with no buy-in. The prize pool is created by the poker room and the prize is money or the right to participate in some other exciting tournament. These are freeroll satellite tournaments. With these, players have the chance to win real money without risking their life savings.

The poker tournaments on the official 1win website are run on a regular basis (every week). There should be plenty of poker, so we have decided to run free tournaments more often. From now on you can play every other day, starting from December 10. The guaranteed prize pool remains the same - one thousand dollars.

Anyone can take part in the tournament. To enter the tournament, register at 1win, go to "Poker", then "Tournaments", find the "1win $1000 Freeroll" tournament and register for the tournament.

  • Entrance to the tournament is free;
  • The number of starting chips is 5000;
  • The blinder level is 5 minutes;
  • Addons - no;
  • Late registration is available - 15 minutes.

Promo code for a poker game

The promo code GOPOKER is entered by the user once before playing poker. The code word must be entered into the box. In this way, the user receives a bonus in the form of a top-up. It must always be wagered.

Download Poker 1win on your phone

Every player has the option of downloading and installing Poker 1win on their phone. To do this, you need to log in to the 1win Casino website and install the app of your operating system. If you don't have a gaming account, register a new one using the promo code GOPOKER. The app has plenty of advantages. It is simple and easy to use. And best of all, you'll always have poker at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

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